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Is your building render starting to look stained from the build up of atmospheric pollutants and organic growth? We are able to clean render and K-rend using our specialist render cleaning equipment. We use a low-pressure wash or a steam clean when cleaning the render on buildings to prevent any damage to the render itself. We have many years under our belts when it comes to cleaning render for both residential and commercial customers in Bournemouth and throughout Dorset & Hampshire.

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Bournemouth Render Cleaning Services

Professional Render Cleaning Services

Over time and due to the UK weather conditions, buildings can become an eyesore when they have been rendered. Render tends to discolour and stain and can make your property look dirty to passers-by and any visitors you have to your home or commercial premises. Our render cleaning service can bring your render back to close to its original condition and we will help protect it from the elements in the future by giving it an eco-friendly chemical treatment.

Our team of specialist render cleaners have been cleaning buildings for years in Bournemouth and Dorset and always get great results whenever they clean buildings. Having your render cleaned by a professional render cleaning company van vastly improve the look of your property and can even increase its sale or rental value. Find out more about our render cleaning service by giving us a call today, or simply fill in our online contact form and we will get back to you.

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