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Bournemouth Exterior Cleaning Services provide professional pressure washing services including driveway cleaning, patio cleaning, decking cleaning, render cleaning, Steam cleaning, stone restoration and other exterior hard surface cleaning. We can remove dirt, grime, organic matter, atmospheric pollutants and more from all types of exterior surfaces. How can we help you.

We cover all areas of Bournemouth & Poole into Dorset & Hampshire. Get in touch with us today on either 01202 085567 or 07783 479 232

Pressure Washing Bournemouth

Professional Pressure Washing Services

At Bournemouth Exterior Cleaning Services we provide one of the best pressure washing services around. We are able to pressure wash almost any exterior hard surface including driveways, patios and decking, removing all dirt, grime and organic matter, leaving your surfaces looking like new again. Our high-pressure washing hot water high-pressure cleaners can raise the water temperature from around 12°C to as much as 155°C. This allows a reduction of the working pressure. Cleaning with hot water therefore offers numerous options for optimising the cleaning process, as well as impressive advantages.

We have an experienced team of professional pressure washers who have a wealth of knowledge within the exterior cleaning industry and many years under their belts cleaning exterior hard surfaces for both residential and commercial customers. If you are looking to hire the best pressure washing company in Bournemouth and throughout Dorset & Hampshire, look no further than Bournemouth Exterior Cleaning Services. Give us a call today.

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    Driveway Cleaning Bournemouth

    Professional Driveway Cleaning Services

    Are you looking for a local driveway cleaning company in the Bournemouth and throughout the Dorset & Hampshire area? If you are you are in the right place. Our professional driveway cleaning services are second to none and we have an outstanding reputation for the services we provide. In most cases all that is required to bring your driveway back to its original condition is a professional clean, treatments and re-sand. Replacing your driveway can be very expensive and for a fraction of the cost you can get the same results by having it cleaned properly. Click the video to view our driveway pressure washing process.

    Patio Cleaning Bournemouth

    Professional Patio Cleaning Services

    Our pressure washing services include the cleaning of patios for both residential and commercial customers. We clean patios in Bournemouth and throughout Dorset & Hampshire and have been for many years. If you would like your patio to be restored to it's original condition get in touch with us today. Our experienced team of professional patio cleaners will thoroughly clean any dirt, grime and organic matter from your patio, bringing it up like new again. Click the video to view our pressure washing steam cleaning patio cleaning process.

    Decking Cleaning Bournemouth

    Professional Decking Cleaning Services

    Garden decking can become unsightly over time and slippery to walk on. The UK weather conditions cause a build-up of moss, algae and other organic matter on the wood and unless you keep your decking well maintained it will start to look old and grubby. Our expert decking cleaning team are here to help. We use a high-pressure wash to clear and clean any dirt, grime and organic matter from your garden decking, leaving it professionally cleaned. We can also treat your decking to help protect it from the elements in the future. Give us a call to find out more about our decking cleaning service.

    Here are a couple of videos of our latest work. Come check out all out videos on YouTube ( Bournemouth Jet Washing )